Top local band of 2022: dblgoer!!

That’s right Capital Regioneers, our favorite band this year is a well known duo of hardcore scene vets called dblgoer! Though they’ve only been around a couple of years, they’ve played their way into our hearts and pants.

dblgoer in their natural state: performing at a Superdark show at Desperate Annie’s in Saratoga Springs

dblgoer (or doublebasslifegrowingbrighter as it’s pronounced in ancient algebraic where it they hail from) is made up of Matt Heuston (aka Matth also of Glitter of Cohoes, Che Guevara T-Shirt, Friends of the Library, Catacomb Gypsy Vagina, and Lack of) on guitar, highly processed vocals and pedals and John Olander (of the Sugar Hold, Handsome Faces, Che Guevara T-Shirt, and THE Latent) on percussion and various electronics and pedals. This super experienced post-rock duo has graced stages from Albany to Troy, from Saratoga Springs to… Troy!

While it’s true they haven’t been on tour yet and keep recording, mixing, rerecording, remixing, and unrecording their as yet to be released single/album… tracks? they’ve certainly made astonishing inroads with fans and readers of Times Boredomland, who have voted the newcomers to the top spot in the first year they’re eligible for the list!

An image as mysterious as the band and their highly original eclectic post music that came from their bandcamp page

Being new gives dblgoer an incredible opportunity to define and redefine themselves as they see fit, as all that anyone really knows is they’re a couple of gingers that’ve been in a dozen local bands that have now found their own unique voice as a highly popular highly anticipated duo showcasing both of their many idiosyncratic talents.

In addition to also, having won this honor surprised no one moreso than dblgoer themselves. While their shows have been well attended, they didn’t realize the dizzying heights of popularity they’d risen to within their brief period bombarding the scene with many gigs within a small period of time. To show their appreciation, they agreed not only to answer our survey questions but also to pose for glamor photos (below):

Interestingly enough this number one slot came with cash prize money. Unfortunately, Times Boredom required a professional electronic press kit (epk) to collect this prize. And although dblgoer did produce an epk, it did not contain any pictures of the band members without instruments staring blankly at the camera or looking away thoughfully. Since said photo is a requirement for a pro epk, dblgoer did not receive any of the cash. Here is the photo they submitted instead.

TimesBoredom: Congratulations on being in Times Boredom’s Top 10 local bands! Honestly, how much of an honor is this for you?

Matt Heuston aka matth: It’s the most we could’ve hoped for

TB: Did you release any music in 2022?

matth: No, but there were some live things on youtube. WE did some demos, but held off on doing anything with them.

TB: What was your favorite show that you played in 2022?

matth: Maybe our Desperate Annie’s show with sky furrows, because Sky Furrows is great. But all the DA shows were fun to play, owing to the sound of the room and the people that come out for Super DArk Mondays .

TB: Who was YOUR favorite local band in 2022?

matth: Ice Queen, hands down.

In case anyone is unaware, the whole purpose of this silly top ten list in the vast sea of unnecessary and useless lists of ‘best’ things (it used to be called the ‘worst’ list but then we found that people were using it in their press kits and we didn’t want them to have to write ‘worst’ and then explain the irony or whatever) is to promote and bring all viewers and readers to the music. So thanks to dblgoer, everyone that voted in our top local bands survey and not only all the terrific bands that made the list but every other band that we like, love, and hate in equal measure (some more so than others) that didn’t make the list but were voted for. Please go visit each and or all of them on bandcamp or better yet the next time they play live in a club near you:
100 Psychic Dreams
Haunted Cat
haley moley
sky furrows
the abyssmals (now with 2 S’s!)
the sugar hold
madeline darby
bruiser and bicycle
jason martin
lemon of choice
ice queen
merci van
william hale
brent gorton
Stephen Gaylord/Gay Tastee
blood blood blood
prom sex
zombie giuliani
swamp baby
sime gezus
connor armbruster
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