Top 10 local Capital Region of NY bands of 2022, Part 4: Architrave

It’s no surprise that Architrave has once again made the Times Boredom top ten! The power couple duo of Jennifer Maher Coleman and Paul Coleman topped our chart in 2020 with their album ‘This Perfect Day’. In addition Architrave, like most of the other projects heralded by one or more of the Colemans, has a constant presence of laudation here at Times Boredom.

And since we’ve said pretty much everything we can about them, thankfully, they answered some of our questions for this award:

TB: Congratulations on being in Times Boredom’s Top 10 local bands! Honestly, how much of an honor is this for you?

Jennifer Maher Coleman: Always thrilled to be acknowledged by the TB. Please see the attached photo of us victoriously high-fiving upon hearing the news!

TB: Have you released any music in 2022?

JMC: We released a single and video for the song “Lorem Ipsum,” the first single from our forthcoming album (working title: “Out of My Mind and Into Yours”) and contributed a cover of the Fine Grain song “Missing Adult” to the locals-covering-locals compilation “Reproduce This.”

TB: What was your favorite show that you played in 2022?

JMC: Our favorite show was definitely a Halloween event at Radio Bean/The Lamp Shop in Burlington along with and many other electronic artists. It featured several stages around the venue, allowing for a smooth, seamless transition between acts and escalated into a fantastic dance party.

TB: Who was YOUR favorite local band in 2022?

JMC: We were very inspired by 100 Psychic Dreams’ beat-making. 

TB: Do you have any plans for 2023?

JC: Plans for 2023 – The album is finished, we just expect to be tweaking and mixing for a while longer and making a video to coincide with its release, hopefully this spring.

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