RE Pivoting

So if you read our last article by now you know that it was a total bust. It turns out in order to have a podcast you need a recorder, technology, sound, etc. Which is way too much effort for a free site with a revolving cast of writers and non-writers that don’t get paid and therefore have very little incentive to do, well, ANYTHING they plain don’t want to.

So we’re pivoting back to good old fashioned 19th century text! That’s right, dancing about architecture again just like we did when you first fell in love with us!

That being said, we need inspiration… stuff to write about. And while we will probably go to some shows and write about them, when it comes to your personal music we really want it to be voluntary since we’ve been told we can be brutally, BRUTALLY honest when it comes to something we don’t like. So if you want a review on the coolest site in the tri-state area and you’re not afraid of a few (or a ton) of poison laced barbs… or if you’re a good sport like all our hall of famers on the link to the— left? my left? stage left… please submit any and all music to us at!

And though we prefer supergreat local stuff, we will review ANYTHING we receive. So if you recorded yourself on your cell phone banging on a pot for 6 hours and you’re from New Mexico, we will unlike most commercial sites give it a genuine listen for at least 6 hours and probably 12 or 18. We’re into weird shit.

Submit everything you’ve got today! And if we really like you, we WILL probably request an interview and/or come to one of your shows.

From all your old pals here at Times Boredom, we thank you for reading this post. Seriously, if you even made it this far and have read up to here we really appreciate it given how terrible we are at consistently posting stuff, being a consistent publication about similar/related music, etc. We’re admittedly lazy fucks that don’t make any $$ of this so we just do whatever we feel like. And right now, we feel like listening to your crappy new band for hours and really give it a good, deep listen until we can’t take it anymore and have to write an article begging you to let us know why you sent us, much less made this pile of… what were you thinking?!

Send us an e-mail at, or message us on Facebook at!

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