What’s an extra $12 million for a terrible idea in an impoverished small City in upstate New York among idiots?

As you all know, we vowed sometime in the past to only report on music and not local news or politics. Did we? I actually don’t remember.

However, the heinous increase in funding for the idiotic Skyway that real news organizations seem to be glossing over pissed us off to the degree that we just had to say something.

Back in October of 2019 and previously we vilified this dumbshit stupid project when it was slated to cost only 3 million for the so-called ‘greenway’ (converting a highway ramp to another pedestrian project to link downtown Albany to the Hudson waterfront, yet another in a series of ‘Smart’ ‘Green’ ‘Insert cliched urban planning term here’ projects to do, well, that exact same thing that haven’t really worked so far because as everyone knows downtown Albany is a ghost town after 5 PM workdays — or at least it was before the pandemic… now it’s just, I don’t know, when was the last time you were there?) and another insane amount for some total pie in the sky type shit that, per our recall, was proposed back in the 70s as ‘multi-modal’ transportation solutions including sending people in some sort of sci-fi bubble from the train station across the river in downtown Rensselaer to somewhere (most likely the gorgeous and convenient to walk to everywhere downtown Greyhound bus center) downtown.

But now the project costs have exploded to 5 times the insanely high amount for a really stupid fucking idea in the first place. And, well, everyone’s just reporting it. We haven’t seen an op-ed or even the usual snarky one liner snuck in to articles by non-Unionized employees afraid of losing their jobs but unable to completely forego their journalistic training and integrity by not saying anything at all.

What strikes us as most unusual as the extra cost, from 3 million to 15 million, is EXACTLY the amount of the hole in the Budget Mayor Sheehan complained about for years. 12 million. W. T. F?

Now’s also a great time, since the recession resulting from the pandemic seems to be not exactly abating but not as atrociously frightening — and we all know that as soon as the smoke clears and cities like Albany fail to get the funds they were counting on to fill the holes from all the issues they’ve had from Biden’s $1.9 trillion corporate pork-a-way fail to materialize. Well done planning board! Well done City Council! Well done Mayor Sheehan!

Is anyone at all in the world other than us disagreeing that this is a great use of a lot of desperately needed funds, handing it over to stupid yuppie friendly developers while the terrible poverty in so many areas of the city of Albany continues unabated…

Not reporting from our fake location somewhere in the hills, this is Times Boredom saying What. The. Fuck. Albany?

Shit I gotta get back to work my boss is coming! If I said anything non-factual let me know cause I gotta go NOW!

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