High Fashion Normalize uses dark magic to get us into them

It’s well known that Times Boredom’s security against the dark arts is full of holes to say the least. All a band or person need do sometimes is like our articles, share them, or play with local bands we like to get us to like them and write silly articles to send you to their download page or go see them at shows. High Fashion Normalize did all this and much more to get our attention and get us to like them…

Somehow they summoned several of the Dark Lords of the Times Boredom (many of who have gone missing for years):

1cScott Koenig was compromised when Ezra Brennan (only listed official member of High Fashion Normalize) was seen disco dancing at a Fucking Christ show. “I say to this person that’s dancing, which is unheard of at a Fucking Christ show; ‘you can’t disco dance to a witchdoom band!  You’re supposed to be depressed into sullenly soullessly watching in silence with the other 2 people who are drunk and want to be somewhere else.’ to which Ezra replied ‘well, I really like your music. It moved me. I don’t decide how I move, nor how your music moves me.’ Cool response. Made me checkout their band, which moved me.”

skoDJ THINK NOISE was summoned to comment after seeing a High Fashion Normalize performance (which included Ezra and a mysterious blond haired bass player/vocalist who has joined Brennan for performances, appears on the cover of and seems to perform on the latest recordings). “Those kids seemed to know some shit! They had their drum machine a -rockin, all their other electronics and their efx coordinatin an jammin the noise frequencies to whack the place out, and I thought, these kids have the potential to be the next Denim and Diamonds! I think Professors Skinner and Martin would approve! What, you never heard of Denim and Diamonds? Ah, you don’t know shit about shit!”

720x405-jim-wardThey even summoned Latino correspondent Jorge Ninos, who’s a huge fan of shoegaze; “Hey, did you just put me down as ‘Latino’ correspondent? Fuck you man, I’m not your token Latino guy! I like this band cause their post-shoegaze noise sound reminds me of the good old early nineties Manchester scene. Has nothing to do with my ethnicity, asshole.”

IanMacKayeHardcore/punk correspondent xxSteve was brought back from the dead with stronger necromantic skills (we don’t even know how they did it but we saw him in a circle of salt, near a Seal of Solomon…) “What the fuck? I told you to wake me only when you got permission to do an article on YBOD! I quit after you wouldn’t let me do the AR article, and look how that turned out for you guys. Fuck your stupid little artsy blog that’s become a little ghetto for your alternative rock club or whatever you fucks are calling it these days.”

In any case, we here at Times Boredom have been summoned to comment. And we are quite impressed by their latest ep Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes i’m sad, but i always have you and the few performances we’ve seen them at. Here’s hoping they summon us to see and hear more!

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