Top 10 local Capital Region of NY bands of 2022, Part 3: Haunted Cat

Drew Benton/Haunted Cat in performance 2022

In third place for the greatest local band EVER… I mean for 2022.. is HAUNTED CAT! This live 4 piece is a testament and a tribute to the songwriting and presentation talents of Albany punk veteran Drew Benton. Benton writes the songs, plays most of the instruments on the recordings (the last album was performed entirely by Benton and the upcoming record will feature the full band), and dresses it up like no one else in Albany for what are half rock shows and half performance art pieces; anyone that’s seen Haunted Cat will never forget them. Love them or hate them (or start by liking them and end up loving them as most do) when it comes to Haunted Cat you must say — they present a memorable experience everytime they play.

Haunted Cat’s latest album ‘Third Degree Moonburns’

Not to mention that everytime you spin one of their albums you get a memorable experience. In addition to being one of the few performance artists in Albany to really do it ALL up when performing, Drew Benton’s songwriting and performing on the Haunted Cat albums present an entirely original, innovative style and substance that’s seldom if ever been seen before both in the Capital Region and beyond. Blending glam rock with snarling punk and virtuosic guitar pyrotechnics, the effect of listening to a Haunted Cat album is like being transported to a different world. One in which perhaps the seventies never ended, where the original NYC punk was given its due, and where chutzpah and flair still fucking matter!

Another image of an unforgettable performance piece by Drew Benton/Haunted Cat — sometimes planned and or/joined by Eric Jon Tasker (next to the half naked Drew, stage right)

There’s no doubt that Haunted Cat deserves a place on this countdown; we urge you to see any show you can catch them at and download their albums. They stand out like no one else around in terms of the eclectic yet original music they play and the overall transcendently idiosyncratic performance of Mr. Drew. Benton. Do not miss out on the experience that is… Haunted Cat!