Albany sleeps through another great show

Albany, that drinking town with a government day-job problem, missed another great show last night. The Hill Haints kicked out the jams (as always) and intriguingly eclectic Buffalo band Facility Men brought down the house. An ear blastingly rock time was had by all who attended.


Albany, as usual, got too drunk and didn’t make it.

“I’s lookins sthrough my facebook and just got so sad about the Indians (hiccup). I mean, America’s sthreatening to do to them what they’ve done to every other poor place in the country… (hiccup)… and sen everybody keeps going there on the facebook (hiccup) to upport sem against the facebook sheriff or whasever …(hiccup) and then they still lose the baseball!”

At this point Albany pauses and sobs a little, then closes its eyes for about five minutes while standing up.

“Scusem me, I gotta go file these folders about tosic waste in sa wrong drawer.”

Fear not Albany, luckily you can go on the facebook and see a couple songs from the show, faithfully recorded (as usual) by and on the page of our fearless promoter par excellence Jason Krak. And this after he just put on a huge kickass festival last weekend with bands and costumes and burlesque dancers and wings. Mad props to the MC in the Bad Brains T!

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