Bands not safe on social media after Trump election

“Ever since Trump was elected, it’s just not possible to be a band on Facebook anymore.” says local blogger Scott Koenig. “I mean, everyone’s either bitching about or celebrating Trump now. There’s no space for people that just want to rock out.”

“Take this show my witchdoom band Fucking Christ has coming up with Asa Morris and the Mess and Hill Haints. We’ve been reminding people like crazy about it, resharing the link to the Facebook event page over and over, but as soon as we re-post someone else is like ‘Trump is a racist you fascists!’ and then ‘Trump’s gonna revitalize America you libtards!’ And then our event’s all the way down the page as people start flame wars over every stupid fucking post about this giant asshole. I mean president.  Whatever.”

TB: “What do you have to say to all the people out there that are overloading social media with posts about Trump?”

SK: “Well, I know it’s all important and he’s either the destroyer of the world or the savior of the rednecks or whatever, but please, let there be rock! There should be a Trump free zone on social media where bands can speak their minds about local shows going on and ep’s being released that don’t get ignored just  because some less important stuff is going on.”

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