White Devil bingo resurrects Hunter S. Thomson

Everyone that attended the White Devil/Sinkcharmer Rong show at Pauly’s Hotel last Thursday now knows the dangers of a ‘free space’ in an occult Bingo Game:


One might think that ‘chanting’, ‘ceremonial sacrifice’, ‘reincarnated celtic storyteller’ and ‘wolf blitzer’ squares being invoked by the ‘White Devil’ would be dangerous enough, but no one would have thought the ‘free’ space would have done what it did.  But it did, and anyone that saw it will never forget it; Hunter S. Thompson’s ghost appeared at the end of the bar, and he even left a review on a bar napkin:


In fact, the show was so well received, it was discussed at water coolers all over the Capital District the next day:


And in yet another bizarre occult twist, made it into 1977 motion picture Annie Hall!;

woody allen

Be careful of what ye invoke, oh local solo side projects… bizarre things are likely to occur when you set up your own weird bingo game based on what you and Wolf Blitzer may or may not do…

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