The man who killed Friday night in Albany


Grendel Moses from the Albany Department of Destroying City Arts recently (prematurely) bragged about killing yet another fun night in Albany;

“So about a month ago a memo comes across my desk here, says ‘Moon Worship to play record release show June 9th at the Low Beat’. I’ll be honest. I was concerned. Moon Worship’s a great band. Real intriguing stuff. Could be a good show, good turnout, even a party.

Next, I get a follow up says ‘Hill Haints to open Moon Worship record release show’. Obviously I’m fucking livid! Two great original bands playing a Friday night in Albany? That’d fucking rock for sure! No way I’m letting that go through.

Immediately I’m on the horn. I say what are Better Pills doing that night? Nothing? Great. Maggot Brain? Henry’s Rifle? Great! Put em on a show together all the way on the other side of town! Can you get them at Parish Public House?  Nice.  That’ll break up the party.

Next I’m looking for any good rock band I can find. Dryer? Candy Ambulance? Further Unsound?  Asa Morris? All busy? Well fuck, can you at least get me Che Guevara T-Shirt? Bingo. Set ’em up at Paulys.

Now I’m not stupid. I know there’s gonna be some good original rock music partying in Albany tonight. But at least I broke it up best I could. Now there won’t be one big party. And hopefully all the bands will get pissed at each other for not playing each other’s shows, people will stay home cause it’s nice out (yeah I fucking control the weather here in Albany too, what of it?), or… I’ll think up something else. Point is, I’m pretty sure I just saved Albany from a really intensely fun night of original live music and partying by breaking it up and having all the good bands play different places the same night, same time.

Remember, evil always eventually kills good rock. Stay home tonight you fuckers!”

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