Candy Ambulance keeps their clothes on in Albany


Local pervert Scott Koenig was disappointed to see Glens Falls pop punk band Candy Ambulance with their clothes on last Thursday at the Low Beat. He sat down to interview lead singer/guitarist Caitlin Barker on this issue after the show.

CB: “To be frank Scott, we saw you in the audience. And, well, you make us very uncomfortable. So we made a collective decision to keep all our clothes on.  Even after we got really sweaty.”

SK: “What do you mean? How do I make you uncomfortable.”

CB: “I’m up here Scott. Scott… Scott! Stop staring at my boobs! That’s what I mean!”

SK: “Oh. I get it. Can I still look at Jesse’s pecks?”

CB: “Wow. You are such a fucking creep. I’m gonna go… talk to someone else now.”

The rest of the crowd at the show went wild and enjoyed the high energy punk rock band’s songs and antics (regardless of the amount of clothing worn) immensely. A good time was had by all other than sad old perverted Scott.

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