Bullying based on gender currently beyond not cool in New York: it’s ILLEGAL

The Times Union reports that “The state Education Department is reminding public school districts statewide that state and local law affords protections from discrimination and harassment to transgender students.”

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia recently made a statement to further clarify the law: “Despite orders from Trump to reinstate bullying based on gender, we in New York are sticking to our laws.  It’s not ok to call a boy a ‘sissy’ or a girl a ‘tomboy’.  If you must bully a boy for being bad at sports, call him a ‘wuss’ or a ‘weakling’.  If you must bully a girl for being good at sports, call her a ‘jock’ or ‘non-princess’.”

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, citing the state’s Dignity for All Students Act, reinforced these statements by saying: “Seriously bullies, just don’t be morons. Fairy, pussy, dyke, butch; these words are not cool.  Bullies need to be aware that making fun of other kids’ for transgender behavior is illegal.  So if you’re gonna demand lunch money and they won’t give it to you, call them shithead, um, fuckface, or, you know, fatass if they’re fat, dumbass if they’re dumb, before you punch them or, better yet, just give them an Indian burn.”

“‘Indian’ burn’s not cool Eric.” pipes in Elia.

“Oh right, sorry, titty twister then…”

“You are so going to be forced to resign.”

“Yeah you’re right.  Fuck this.  I’m going to work for Trump where I can say whatever fuckin racist, sexist, or just plain nutbag shit that comes out of my mouth whenever I want.  Thanks you maggot eating twatface.”

“I’m with you you monkey raping shit for brains!”

Elia and Schneiderman have since announced they’re applying to work for that corpse fucking batshit crazy fuckhead called President Trump.




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