Old coot knows way more than you about Gay Tastee


“These young cap dist punks don’t know shit about shit.” asserts cantankerous old fart DJ Think Noise, in what’s becoming a catchphrase of his regarding everyone and everything.

“Gay Tastee started it all! There was nothin in Albany till our very own Bob Dylan singin like Johnny Rotten broke the scene when he brought Beef up from Kinderhook.”


TB: “I believe there was music in Albany before that…”

“Now you shut yr trap and listen to wizard THINK NOISE here! Now lemme see, it was about 97 I first saw Stephen. This was before the war you see. Beef played this old club called Valentines you never heard of, and after that all the grass in Albany music was green for years!

I remember cause I brought your grandma to all those shows and man did her pussy stink like a pig in shit! But the songwriting was great, the rockin was a rockin, the kids were all a boogyin…

After Beef broke up, around came Paraquat Earth Band, the Wasted, Stephen’s alter ego Gay Tastee, and every other great noisey rockin band cap dist ever heard! If it hadn’t been for Gay Tastee, you wouldn’t have your Phantogram, your Lady Goo goo, or your Beyonce and everyone oughtta know it.”

…Think Noise goes on like this for another hour.

Irregardless of this schizophrenic rant, Times Boredom agrees that Gay Tastee, aka Stephen Gaylord, heralded and inspired an excellent melange¬†of a noisey rock scene years ago. And he’ll be back for a brief performance this afternoon. Happy hour at the Low Beat.

“If you miss it you won’t know yr history, you won’t know what all the good shit round here was inspired by, and you still won’t know shit about shit!”

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