Asa Morris and The Mess too raucous and rockin

amLocal old coot DJ Think Noise did not appreciate the youthful energy and exuberance of a recent performance by Glens Falls band Asa Morris and the Mess.

“There I was, sippin my mint julip and listening to the smooth jazz I’ve come to appreciate Friday nights at Pauly’s hotel, and just appreciating the ambience. Then these dern kids storm the stage, and they’re all over the damned map! They’ve got what look like acoustic instruments, including a violin, so I thinks to meself ‘ah, a nice folk ditty they’ll play’. But then they get to rockin and rollin all over the dern stage, stompin and shoutin and causin a ruckus! I nearly spilled my beer!”

TB: “You mean your mint julip?”

“Mint julip?! What do you take me fer, some sort of southern intellectonal? Nah, I was drinking me a Pabst Blue Ribbon like I always do. Enjoyin myself until these kids are on my lawn tearin it up and mowin it down!”

When asked for comment, Asa replied “Well duh. We’re called ‘Asa Morris and the mess’. We obviously don’t play smooth jazz. Yeah we ‘tear it up and cause a ruckus’. I like the sound of that. Thanks for the blurb DJ Think Noise!”

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