Comrade Nixon and Bren to be offered formal adoption by the Capital District

North Country punk/alternative band Bren will be greeted at their July 8th show at Paulys Hotel with a formal offer of adoption. In addition, fellow north country/Lyon Mountain punk/noise band Comrade Nixon will be met with the same offer.

“We have a shit ton of terrible tough guy bands, terrible dad-rock bands, and worst of all terrible cover bands here in Albany.” said Capital District Commissioner of Partying Andrew Wyacheslev Katz. “What we lack is a reasonable amount of really good punk rock bands to actually have a decent party with.

“I personally have been sent to scope out good punk rock bands that frequently play the Capital District. Over and over I have seen both Comrade Nixon and Bren tearing it up like the apocalypse is upon us and the cool kids have already been left behind. However, everytime I ask where they live they insist they’re ‘not from here’. Well, no longer. With this formal offer of adoption, they’ll all be native Capital District sons, just like the rest of us that aren’t from here but somehow ended up taking permanent residence in this shithole because we’re always too drunk or too poor to get on the bus to somewhere else.”

“It’s a nice offer, but as I keep telling Andrew, we don’t live in nor are we planning to move to Albany.” states Bren lead singer and Comrade Nixon drummer Matt Hall. “I love playing the Capital District, but there are too many assholes that are always at my shows trying to suck up to me; Scott Koenig, DJ Think Noise, xxSteve, Jose Ninos, etc. I certainly wouldn’t want to live near them.”

Nevertheless, the offer will be made. Commissioner W.K. is also considering other cool bands that constantly play the area but aren’t officially from here like Hill Haints and Dinosaur Jr.

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