Che Guevara T-Shirt intimidated by crowd of 4


Local post-post-rock post-indie pre-math hopeless slo-fi noisey prog sludge band Che Guevara T-Shirt were shocked and dismayed over the turnout at their show last Friday night.

“After over a decade of playing locally, we’ve managed to alienate everyone but a few of our personal friends from coming to our shows. We even personally greet the revolving cast of Dave, Justin, Kevin, Aaron, and/or Hans, provided they don’t leave before we play. Which they usually do.” claimed lead singer k. Sonin.

“But last Friday there was an extra person there, and it was actually a female!” asserted local gynephobe Sonin. “Hey, what did you just write about me there? Did you write that I’m afraid of girls?” asks local misogynist k. Sonin. “Dude, not cool. We’re still getting over that Metroland article from 5 years ago that said we were post-3rd wave anti-feminists, just because we wrote a song called ‘The only good skinny woman is a dead skinny woman.’ That was taken completely out of context.” Sonin is also bald and fat.

Despite the unusually large crowd of 4 including a haunting feminine presence, CGT played through their typically crowd alienating, dreadfully noisey set with shaky hands.

“It was nerve wracking, but we made it through. And then when the lights went on, we realized it was just John (the drummers)’s girlfriend. She got out of work early and was there to pick him up.”

Nevertheless, Che Guevara T-Shirt was badly shaken by the incident. They are planning to take a lengthy hiatus to recuperate.

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