Further Unsound ‘too talented’


Local witchdoom band Fucking Christ refused to go on following immensely proficient local band the Further Unsound.

“Seriously, that guitarist (Matt Malone) is off the charts. He starts by playing a bunch of heavy metal arpeggioes while stomping around the stage; his fingers are so fast I can’t even see them. Then he seamlessly blends into chords and song structures and without losing a breath segues into this funky punk groove, all the while not even looking at his hands!” shouted Fucking Christ frontman Koenig, clearly intimidated.

“Meanwhile the drummer (Sean Cranston) follows every seemingly whimsical change with alert precision, kicking off these mad syncopated shots behind, and then, get this, out of nowhere he starts singing while keeping the beat in this bombastic contralto voice!”

When asked whether he thinks the Further Unsound will usher in a new era of massively talented bands in the Capital District, Koenig asserts: “Fuck. I sure hope not. I’ve been playing in bands that can barely hold their instruments for a long time and we’ve been doing pretty well. But after seeing that shit, I’m afraid we talentless hacks might have to fold up shop.”


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