Jason Martin wears bear mask; audience outraged

Power_Animal_Systems_Jason_Martin_photo_by_Miguel_Gesso_1 (1)

“I came here to see a dude dressed as a wolf! Possibly dressed as a wolf in lady’s
formal business attire! And also maybe some other people dressed like wolves!”
exclaimed local fan Think Noise. “When I saw that bear mask, I was like; sell-

Martin was cavalier about the episode. “I can dress like whatever power animal I
want. To this point, I’ve just been focusing on the wolf. That doesn’t mean I
can’t switch it up. I would’ve thought the fans would understand that.”

Half the audience left in disgust. The other half, however, stayed to watch a
kickass show. Martin even did several costume changes, one of which, needless to
say, was the signature Wolfman.

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