Moon Worship eschews ‘dark’ label; claims to be jangle pop band

“We get compared to Ministry and The Cramps alot, but our formative influences are really Aztec Camera and the Housemartins” claims lead vocalist and bass player ‘Black Jack Cassidy’ (Kevin). “I know I write songs like ‘Rat City’ and ‘Here Comes Hell’ about stuff like bomb trains exploding and killing hundreds of people, but I can’t help being a dark person. I really just try to write pop songs that make people happy.”

Drummer ‘Chainsaw’ (Jason) claims to fuel the dark fire on this score. “Oh man I
hate that twee pop shit. So whenever Kevin plays some pop riff and ‘oo oo oo I
love you’ shite, I pound the fuck out of my drums and symbols Swans style. This in
turn causes Finch and Cottonmouth to turn up and add a bunch of cool noisey stuff, and then forces Kevin to crank the distortion and start screaming about the fucked up shit in his head.”

“All I ever really wanted was to write another pop gem like the Smithereens ‘A Girl
Like You’ or, better yet, the Cardigans ‘Lovefool’. Those are great tunes. I wish
we weren’t such a dark band.”

See the pop darkness tonight at Paulys Hotel!

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