Convicted corrupt former Cuomo official spends $32.58 on state phones for Cuomo Campaign

The Times Union, with its usual hard hitting no holds barred muckraking justice serving light shining ground breaking speaking of truth to power, published an entire article (the printing of which alone probably cost more than the actual illegal charges) about how a former official that’s already been convicted of fiendishly corrupt things involving billions of dollars misused a couple dozen dollars of the public’s money making a couple of phone calls to the City for Cuomo’s campaign.

Thanks to our own local Woodward and Bernsteins, Upton Sinclairs, blah blah blah (insert names of other reputable journalists and social activists) here in Albany, a man that has already been convicted of heinous crimes will not fail to have another crime (that cost the state literal pennies that happens everyday because no one gives a shit about that amount of money or that low level of corruption) go unreported.

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