Local Punk Big Fan of Neutron Rats Though He’s Never Seen Them


“I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.” claimed local scenester Mike
Firth. “And I’ve met them all and they’re cool guys. I can’t imagine their music
and energy isn’t awesome. Their leather jackets and patches are always
on point too.”

When asked why he’d never been to one of their shows, he replied “I’m a drunken fuckup. I have too many DUI’s to drive myself to see them, and none of my friends will drive me after I’ve puked in their car too many times.”

Brendan, the bass guitar player for Neutron Rats, expressed surprise. “Mike’s seen us a
dozen times. Though admittedly sometimes he’s puking in the bathroom. He must’ve
just been too drunk to remember.”

1 thought on “Local Punk Big Fan of Neutron Rats Though He’s Never Seen Them

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